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Available early August

The Evolution of Acceleration 

Increased Efficiency 

ACE technology findings have been consolidated by our Impec Lab experts, to deliver the strongest yet lightest generation of the Teammachine to date.


Legendary Ride Quality

The Teammachine's trademark balance of lightweight, stiffness and compliance continues to deliver the superior ride experience it is famous for.

Looks Sleek

The Teammachine SLR01's Integrated Cockpit System (ICS) re- defines 'sleek front-end', while our proprietary Direct Frontal Flat-Mount eliminates extra material to shave off grams. Our engineers also cleverly integrated the Di2 junction box, hiding if from sight within the frame.

Fast…by Design

The new Teammachine changes the classic formula - now great form comes with an unprecedented level of function.

Asymmetric Tube Design: Balanced ride feel, stiffness where necessary, yet compliant where desired.

Integrated Cockpit System: Clean aesthetics Maximum adjustability.

Shaped Seat Post: Compliant due to its edged shape. Less material translates to less weight. No-Gap Seatclamp: Great looks and extra compliance for long rides.

Direct frontal Flat mount: Proprietary, super-light brake mount solution for minimal weight.

Ultralight thru-axle Design: Proprietary, super light thru-axle and sandwich derailleur hanger to reduce additional weight. Core Stiffness: Dramatic Bottom Bracket stiffness for best-in-class acceleration.



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