"The position is a game-changer.
It made me love road riding again, morning hammer sessions
on it are going to become a daily routine for me."

- David Millar, former Pro tour rider and CEO of CHPT3

For over Ten years, we have been offering Retul’s game-changing 3D motion capture bike fit system, which has enabled us the ability to positively impact each rider specifically to their fit requirements. The game has changed once again with the all-new Retul Premium fit system…

Retul has developed the formula to further reduce the “cookie-cutter” approach to bike fitting, delivering a personalized fitting experience for every type of riding style.

With the introduction of an iOs based app, in conjunction with the use of an iPad Pro, a sensor-less tracked assessment provides a more in-depth look into your body’s movements, range of motion and limitations. Establishing personalized ranges, specifically tailored for each rider.


Every Retul Premium fit session commences with a rider interview. Trying to establish goals for the fitting, by gathering information about how each rider feels on their bike, riding goals and aspirations, injury history, and answering any questions or concerns that the rider might have.

Visual Assessment

Visual and physical assessments are conducted to better understand the unique asymmetry of each rider, along with an understanding of biomechanics. Documenting the findings through a series of different exercises.

"Thanks Frank, you’ve fixed what nobody else could fix during my career."

- David Millar, former Pro tour rider and CEO of CHPT3

Tracked Assessment

With the use of the Sacral ANGi Sensor, we can monitor the movement and yaw angles of the pelvis during a tracked assessment. The sensorless technology of the new Premium software takes this information and formulates the rider’s personalized range for all the rudimentary angles on the bike. During the tracked assessment, the rider’s ischial bones, and arches are measured to help determine optimal saddle choice, along with the ability to explore additional plantar support with the use of custom, cycling-specific footbeds.

Pose Capturing

With the use of the Vantage V7 cameras, along with the dual wireless harnesses, these devices communicate with the software, capturing data, both on the right and left side of the body, providing three-dimensional insight into how the rider is pedalling the bike in real-time. The data is then assessed to formulate the necessary changes to the rider's position to improve comfort, efficiency, and performance.


Once the data has been analyzed, we start to perform the changes needed, and confirm with the data collected afterwards.

Zin Capture

Once The fitting is optimized, we capture the measurements of the bike, which will be included in the Final PDF report that gets emailed to the rider.

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