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The Cyclist And The Bike In Perfect Harmony

Retul Bike Fit

There is no better experience on your bike then when your fit is to perfection. Comfortable, balanced and efficient. It doesn’t get any better than that. At Racer Sportif we have the tools and know how to maximize your ride.

The Process

 In order to achieve the optimal fit, there are several steps that need to be taken. Thus ensuring that individual needs are met and systematically tailored a rider’s position on the bike along with specific equipment to support that.


Each rider has they’re own unique requirements that will help guide to the end goal of optimal fit. Getting a better understanding about riding style, average volume, goals, and other related information is collected to initiate a direction for the fitting process.


Having an understanding of a riders physiology is a critical factor in the fitting process. Learning about previous injuries, strengths, weaknesses, range of motion, flexibility and any natural asymmetries are documented and taken into consideration during the on bike process. Typically things that are noticed off bike can translate on bike and can provide insight on how to support a rider more efficiently. At this time cleat placement is determined as well.


Having an initial look at a rider in motion provides even greater understanding for a riders current position, and how their whole body functions while riding. Any asymmetries can be identified through the lenses of the fitting camera, as the sagittal, coronal, and transverse planes of the body are being closely monitored.


Once the baseline data has been gathered, it is dissected and analyzed to determine how improvements can be made. This is where a sound bike fitter has to interpret the data, and make decisions on the direction of the overall fit, so that things start falling into place. It is very much a juggling act of trying to achieve a balance of optimal mechanics.

Making Changes

 The process of change to the setup of the bike is starting to take place during this phase. The personalization of the riders position and placement of equipment is being honed in. Saddle placement & selection, handlebar position and in certain cases additional plantar support, are all optimized to the riders body.

The End Result

The process of change doesn’t stop until an optimal field of range, and increase in efficiency is achieved. Having several vantage points to the fitter’s disposal through 2D, 3D, and numerical data collection help to reinforce and signify positive results. Taking the riders physical perception into account is important in the end result.


Now that the ideal position has been achieved. It is documented with the use of the Zin tool, which is a magic wand that captures the geometric space of the bicycle and documents it for future reference. Whether that it is for positional conversion to other bikes, or to leverage in the purchase of a future bike.

An Post-Chain Reaction

The past few years I have been very focused on my time trial and won a Bronze medal in the Pan American games in 2015, I have also been in the top 20 at the past two U23 TT World Champs. Frank’s fit helped me get there. 

- Sean Mackinnon

Professional Bike Fitting and Motion Capture Technology from Retül

Tools for precision

Zin Measuring Tool

The Zin measuring tool is a digitizer that measures and captures the geometric space of the bicycle with sub millimeter accuracy. Once captured the information the Zin tool collects is converted into a report within the Retul software that shows the measurements of the bike, such as saddle height, handlebar drop, stack & reach, etc..

Muve Fit Bike

A bike that helps identify the optimal bike. The Muve fit bike is a tool that allows a fitter to replicate virtually any bike. With a stack range of 458mm-700mm and a reach range of 330mm-475mm, it's the perfect canvas to create a masterpiece of the ideal fit with.

Retul 3D Motion Capture Camera

A placed harness with LED markers capture at 18 frames per second creating millimeter specific accuracy. Data is collected dynamically as a set of averaged pedal strokes from the rider, not from an isolated position or view. The use of a 3D motion capture camera allows measurement of rider movement in three dimensions simultaneously, and dynamically while the rider is pedalling. Not from static positioning.

Retul Software

The Retul software is programed from 10 years of collected fit data, built up from thousands of bike fittings. From this data, it created normative fields for position that are based off of a comprehensive historical archive of rider positions reinforced with corresponding power production and efficiency gains. The extensive set of data at the fitters disposal is incredible to dial in a riders position with. This guaranteeing that the perfect position on the bike is achieved in an efficient period of time.

Our Fitter

Frank Mizerski

Dedicated to your on bike experience, Frank has a depth of experience fitting bikes from the traditional Fit Kit methodology, to rigorous training he completed at Retul University in Boulder Colorado, where he obtained a Masters designation. Frank has also worked alongside Cycling Canada and Alphamantis in preparation for the Pan-am games assisting in the setup of Canadian Cycling athletes. 

Retul Master Certified Fitter
Solestar Certified Fitter

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