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Frank Mizerski

Femme Sportif Ride Captain
Club Sportif Ride Captain

Cycling has been the story of my life. Growing up in a family business that revolves around the sport, has allowed me the opportunity to meet some great people, and see the world at a pace that only two wheels, your feet and a heart beat can provide. I’ve been riding a bike for as long as I can remember. Having ridden all disciplines of cycling, by far my favourite is road cycling. It’s fast, and provides endless options of where you can ride. No trails required, just the open road.

How long you have been riding for?  


What got you into cycling? 

 Born into it! Fortunate that I was !


Why do you love cycling?

Cycling is boundless, and is appealing to all. Whether you want to be competitive, have a means of getting around, or relieving stress. Cycling has something for all.


Favourite aspect of cycling?

For myself, I love cycling for it’s stress relieving powers. In season, it is not uncommon to find me in the wee hours of the morning out on my bike before heading into the shop. I always fee better when my day starts out on my bike.


Coolest place you have ever rode your bike? 

I’ve ridden many beautiful places in Europe, Japan, etc.. My most memorable experience on a bike is when I competed in Race Across America in 2008. That race took me right across the United States in under a week. Riding virtually night and day, to see how quickly I could get across the entire country.


Long leg shorts or “short shorts”? 

Short (But not bootie short).


Low cut socks or high cut aka Euro trash? 

Definitely “Euro-Trash”


Hottest cyclist in the Protour?

 I don’t know about cutest, but my favourite cyclist has to be Phillipe Gilbert. Super classy rider. Strong all around, and is what I would like to be in terms of a rider.

Favourite indulgence the evening following a challenging ride? 

(Vino, Cake?…)  Definitely Vino. Nothing better than a couple glasses of red wine on a Sunday night. Especially after a hard Sunday ride. Amarone on special occasions

Michael Kolesar

The Gruppetto ride captain

How long have you been riding?

 For 35 years.

What got you into cycling? 


I was in my late 20’s when I got the ‘fitness bug’. I started swimming, but I was never much of a runner. I got into cycling initially for the exercise and soon found I enjoyed long rides. I started training to ride across Canada.


Why do you love cycling?

 I enjoy being out on the road, especially on a long ride.

What are your favorite aspects of cycling? 

I like the opportunity it provides to challenge myself and physically push myself to succeed. It’s also a great stress reliever.


What’s the coolest place(s) you have ridden your bike?

I cycled, solo, unsupported, from Vancouver to Ottawa in 1984. That’s before cell phones! So you’re really out there! I cycled through the Rockies; on four-lane highways through Edmonton; over the Arrowhead Bridge, at the time, the world’s longest wooden bridge in Superior Wisconsin; played tag with tornadoes across the mid-west and Michigan. The journey was full of adventures.

Long Shorts or short shorts? 

Comfortable shorts! Preferable mid-thigh

Low socks or high cut aka - euro trash!

Short and preferably two mismatched colours!


Hottest cyclist in the Pro Tour?

 Can’t really say anymore. All my heroes are as old as I am!


Favourite indulgence after a challenging ride?

When I was a lot younger, I had a reputation as the pie man! And I sampled pies from Vancouver to Ottawa on my trip. But nowadays, a really cold, thick, dark stout really hits the spot!


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