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2017 BMC TR01 Frameset

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World Champion-worthy

The Trackmachine was developed specifically for the Swiss National Track Team using cutting-edge aerodynamic technologies and extraordinary engineering for a record-breaking machine. The adaptability of the p2p cockpit lets you achieve the ideal rider position for sprint or endurance races. With a list of Palamarés that includes a World Championship title it‘s clear this bike is the weapon of choice for the boards.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
  • Frame: Trackmachine TR01
  • Tubing: Aerodynamic 01 Premium Carbon, Vmax Aero Technology
  • Fork: Aero 01 Premium Carbon, Hinge-design, Vmax Aero Technology
  • Stem: Vmax Aero Integrated Design / P2P Technology
  • Seatpost: Vmax Aero Post, 01 Premium Carbon, P2P and SubA Technology
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