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Abloc Arrive S Water Bottle

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Easier Access - Patented shape slides in and out of cages and pockets easier. Improvement for all frame sizes and especially small frames. Compatible and sits securely in all standard cages.  

Self-Sealing Nozzle - Leave nozzle up while riding, without spills. High flowrate and precise modulation through silicone valve. 

Lightweight - 65g for EU standard size of 550ml / 18.5oz capacity. Up to 35% lighter. 1 bottle lasts 1hr for most riders.


Sleek Shape - Visual harmony and speed, capturing the essence of cycling. 

Clean Look No logos or graphics to scratch. 

Award WinnerGood Design and International Design Award winner.


AntiMicrobial - Body and cap permanently fights mold, bacteria and odors. Will not wash off like coatings. BPA-free and the only phthalates-free (hormone disruptor-free) cycling bottle.

3-Part Assembly - Easily pulls apart for thorough cleansing, if necessary. Top-rack dishwasher safe.


The Radavist
Just because something isn’t technically broken, doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to make it better. That’s what ABLOC is doing with their new bottles. Their uniquely shaped design offer easier access to cages through using unique tapers. If you like to put bottles in your jersey pocket, the taper makes that easier too.

– The Radavist

PEZCycling News
The ABLOC bottles (the name comes from the French expression “à bloc”) are tapered at both ends to make them way easier to slide into and out of bike cages – and they work, especially well on smaller frame sizes. The stopper has a better than average flow’s kinda nice to know someone out there is still thinking up ways to make it better – bravo ABLOC.

– PEZCycling News
Comes in seven colors for the ever important bike and kit matching, and the body gets a clean face without logos so they will look new longer. The antimicrobial technology is actually a material characteristic, not a coating that will wear or wash off, and is in both the main body and the cap to resist growths and smells.


Cycling Weekly
Cyclists are renowned for only cleaning their water bottles when absolutely necessary, and even then its only a quick rinse, but a new bidon from ABLOC could alleviate the need to do a regular clean.

– Cycling Weekly

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