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Assos iJ.haBu Insulator Jacket



Engineered to function as part of ALS (ASSOS Layering System), the Assos iJ.haBu Insulator Jacket is designed to be worn as a second layer, over your ASSOS next-to-skin Interactive Insulator. With careful selection of your first layer (ASSOS Interactive Insulator) you can extend the activity and Clima Range of iJ.haBu5. Now you can fine tune your earlyWinter outfit to perfectly match your physiology, the intensity of your ride and your local weather conditions.

The Assos iJ.haBu5 is the ultimate, high performance earlyWinter insulator jacket. Features stratagonLight and RXQ fabrics. More performance, less fabric volume. A future ASSOS icon. Created for riders who test their limits.

Racer Sportf

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