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Assos ij.pompaDour_S7 Jacket Lady

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The Assos J.pompaDour is your second layer outer shell garment. Use it in cold winter riding conditions, above 3°C (37°F). The pompaDour operates best when used in combination with the Assos skinFoil body insulators, your first next-to-skin layer. The Assos iJ.pompaDour is the next generation of the ultimate Lady Assos high performance winter jacket. The word "NEW" at ASSOS is never just a fashion statement. This iJ.pompaDour replaces the legendary umaJack. Compared to its predecessor, it features less volume, lighter weight, increased protection and more functionality. Quality is always the result of intelligent effort. It has a price, but experience teaches us that in the long run, superior quality is always less expensive. And in the immediate, it allows you to enjoy total comfort in the saddle like you have never experienced before. 
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