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Assos LL.fugu.7 Winter Bib Tight No Insert

$359.00 $599.00

LL.fugu is a part of the new ASSOS_s5 Generation of ASSOS Suspender Tights for very cold climate conditions. Wear your LL.fugu as warm tights in extreme winter conditions, at about –6 to +6 degrees Celsius. 

LL.fugu tights are ideal in combination with fuguJack. They come with or without Fi.Mille_s5 seat pads. Wear ASSOS Shorts as the first layer under the model without a seat pad, or wear knickers if the temperature falls lower. This allows you to extend the application range of your LL.fugu.

This version comes with no insert, to be worn over your pair of Assos shorts.

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