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Assos LL.pompaDour_S5 Lady's Bib Tights

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The ASSOS female-specific long legged bib tights for cold winter riding conditions, featuring ultra-low volume and four-way-stretch airBlock membrane fabric inserts where you need them. LL.pompaDour is equipped with the ASSOS Lady s5 elastic insert, designed to fit perfectly the female form. 

The technical platform comes from the LL.uma that it replaces, but the pattern has been revised, inspired by the legendary LL.716, featuring twinDeck-foiling technology. This means not a heavy and rigid membrane textile sandwich over your thighs and knees; rather, a double-layer construction: ASSOS RXQ fleecy type textile next to skin, providing multistretch total comfort insulation, then a layer of the ASSOS custommade Stratagon ultralight membrane that protects you from cold, wind and light rain. Clicks onto your body when in the tuck position. Anatomically correct ergonomic fit. Total freedom of movement.

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