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Assos neck Protector S7

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All the Assos accessories have a clear function and operate within the Assos Layering System to cover every clima range riding condition. The Assos neck protector is the new, ultra thin low-volume accessory for the first cooler days of the year or for any situation where you want extra protection for your neck but your faceMask is too heavy.

The Assos neck Protector S7 operates best when used in combination with an early winter jacket like the iJ.haBu.5 or a Winter jacket like the iJ.bonKa.6 (with its additional, ergonomically shaped inner layer) when the collar of the jacket is not enough to protect you from chilly winds. It also allows you to cover your mouth to avoid breathing cold air that can inflame your lungs. Made of one textile, four patterns and three components. Warm and very comfortable to wear. It's great for many other outdoor activities as well. Anatomically shaped, racing cut.
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