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Assos T_FI.Lady S5 shorts

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The Assos T_FI.Lady S5 shorts are the standard of performance in bib shorts, for those who loves to ride, specifically tailored to fit the female body.n the world of cycling apparel, patents are very rare. In the case of the T Fi.Lady_s5, two lady-specific ASSOS innovations have obtained a patent. First is the ABC Closure System specifically engineered to fit a woman's body, creating the perfect female fit solution for bib construction. Providing total wearing comfort, by means of the Y-panel design that contours inbetween instead of over the breasts, it incorporates the ABC Closure System, which allows you to tailor the bib length to your liking and to more easily dress / undress. The second patent is for the construction of the leg grippers. Instead of full-circumference leg grippers, ASSOS developed a sewing construction that allows half-circumference grip without losing stability. Why? Because the female body naturally stores bit more fat in the thighs, and the leg grippers on female shorts often provoke an esthetically unpleasing picture. Not anymore! Now women can enjoy a proper leg fit - the shorts stay in position - without the unflattering skin impressions.
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