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Assos Zegho eXploit Sun Glasses

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Following the successful launch of the first four zegho models, Assos has introduced a new model, the eXploit.
Technically, it is based on the original zegho but features a NEW color shade for the lens, WITHOUT tunnelVision technology, and a NEW color scheme for the frame: black & gold.

The brown lens - which incorporates a flat spectrum and a yellow component - absorbs short wavelengths, so it enhances contrast and colour, making your surroundings stand out. Terrain details and potential road hazards are more visible. The lens also reduces blue light, which, being close to ultraviolet on the light spectrum, is potentially harmful to the human eye. zegho eXploit is recommended for medium to high light conditions. Compared to the black lens, it has slightly higher light transmission, making it a little more versatile and satisfactory for tunnel passages.

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