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Assos Zegho Werksmannschaft (CF3) Eye Wear - Noire

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Nothing less than the redefinition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sun lens. Polarized lenses are great - for fishing. For cycling, they're not what you want.
Zegho was created to be the ultimate high performance cycling-specific eye protection. Its job is to give you perfect, fully protected 1:1 performance vision when cycling. What you see is what's there. No filters, no gimmicks, no distortion. That's what you want when cycling. Here's why: first, imagine you're fishing. Eliminating reflections from the water's surface allows you to see the fish and, maybe, catch a big one. Now imagine you're cycling, you're on a fast descent, it's been raining and the sun has just come out but the road is still wet. You're doing 70 km/h, trees are whizzing by, the road is a patchwork of sunny spots, you're coming out of a turn, eyeing the bend ahead, deciding on the line to take, shifting your weight, leaning in, braking... Now, do you want to aquaplane when you hit that puddle of water that's ahead of you, or do you want to see the reflection coming off the puddle's surface,
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