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Continental Super Sport, WIre Bead, 700x23c



Especially for courier's drivers, hard-boiled commuters and Fixie biker. The SuperSport Plus is based on the proven profile of the good old Grand Prix and has the Plus Breaker. It guarantees the highest breakdown protection and makes the tyre extremely resistant. Stones, shards and thorns have no chance. Robust, specially thick carcass means excellent side wall durability and an especially thick profile run belt provides for a extreme long-term performance.

Puncture protection from highly elastic specialty rubber is used between the tread and the carcass. Nearly impenetrable, this puncture protection fends off all types of foreign objects. Even a tack cannot get through. The carcass is effectively protected from damage. Tires with PlusBreaker can now be found in almost every segment: Be it racing bikes, Cyclocross or City/Trekking bikes, PlusBreaker guarantees maximum safety, without negatively impacting the riding properties of the tire. The consistency of the breaker was adjusted so that the tires do not feel wobbly when taking curves. PlusBreaker is puncture protection through and through.

Note: Please check the recommended tire pressure weekly using a manometer. Plus tires are built very rigidly, making it hard to feel tire pressure. Tires used with too little tire pressure have higher rolling resistance and also wear faster.
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