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Size: 55cm

For Time, the search for better aerodynamics will not be at the expense of responsiveness and performance.  To ride fast, you must corner and accelerate quickly. It is because Time themselves specify the combination of selected fibers and because they weave their own carbon fabrics in France - RTM technology - that they propose to you the first aero frame with truly dynamic behavior: the RXRS Ulteam.  An explosive frame which benefits from the rigidity of the BB30 bottom bracket and is also available in a Di2 version with an integrated battery mount, pre-wired in the manufacturing stage.  Every centimeter of fiber in the new RXRS Ulteam is optimized to achieve a specific set of design goals.

TIME has always used RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), technology and is still the only manufacturer in the bicycle industry to possess total expertise in this manufacturing technique. Usually reserved for military aircraft, RTM technology permits total freedom of shape and consistent quality - every part is a ”carbon copy” !

In this complex method, TIME first selects the most sophisticated fibers, then carefully determines their position and orientation necessary to obtain the desired technical characteristics.  In the TIME RTM factory, the resulting design is custom-woven into seamless tubular braids. As many as 7 layers of braids are then placed into a closed mold into which the epoxy resin is injected.  Only RTM technology enables such precision in the production of the composite parts.  RTM technology improves safety by eliminating the risk of delamination and voids, creating a true «onepiece» product.

Overcoming a paradox.

Rough road surfaces cause vibration and shocks, which lead to:
- Physiological loss, microtraumatisms, premature fatigue, - Performance loss, reduced cornering adhesion, less traction under acceleration.  To prevent these negative effects, TIME uses VECTRAN®, a polyamide fiber with very high shock- and vibration-damping properties.

RTM technology, the Vectran® fibers are positioned and oriented to absorb only longitudinal vibrations, without compromising lateral rigidity.  The result is optimum ride comfort, cornering adhesion and traction, with no sacrifice in power transmission. With Vectran®, TIME composite frames are light years ahead of modern aluminum frames and other carbon frames in performance, efficiency and comfort.

TIME RXRS ULTEAM designs integrate sophisticated fibers into multi-shaped tubes for the exceptional lateral rigidity that allows a racer to follow a millimeter-precise trajectory.  In sprints, at maximum effort, TIME RXRS ULTEAM frames deliver instant response and maximum power transmission from the pedals to the pavement. 

TIME RXRS ULTEAM frames allow the most demanding cyclists to harness their full power, not fatigued but energized.

power is useless if it is not controlled!

As soon as you turn the pedals, TIME RXR ULTEAM frames reval new sensations - riding is more fun and you are encouraged to go for a personal best.  Riding this composite frame is the pleasure of using state-of-the-art equipment. you have precise control of your speed and trajectory at all times, regardless of road surface.  It will respond instantly to your slightest input.

The TIME RXRS ULTEAM geometry, technology and Vectan® fibers combine with the carbon/Vectran fork and MONOLINK ULTEAM carbon stem to maximize your power and improve your cornering, descending and road-holding on rough road surfaces.

Among other innovations, also note the new optimized aerodynamic shape and seat height adjustability of the TRANSLINK seat tube, as well as front derailleur height adjustability with the choice of 2 attachment positions.

  • Evolutionary sloping geometry in 6 sizes
  • Optimized tube designs in HM Carbon with Vibraser technology
  • Full Carbon lugs
  • Optimized Full Carbon bottom bracket shell
  • Optimized TRANSLINK seat tube
  • Optimized RXR Ulteam wishbone
  • Asymmetrical chainstays
  • Specific one-piece monobloc carbon fork with multidiameter steerer
  •  Fork «Full Carbon» SAFE+
  • CMT fork dropouts
  • Quickset headset with oversize lower bearing
  • CMT seatpost head and saddle cradle
  • Removable aluminum front derailleur mount