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Vittoria Mastik One Tubular Glue - For Carbon & Aluminum Rims

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Magic Mastik is Vittoria’s newly developed rim glue for tubulars. Several of its features are absolutely unique with significant benefits over alternative glue and cement products in the market. It can be applied easily, by amateurs or professional mechanics alike. Furthermore, it only needs to be applied on the surface of the rim rather than on tubular and rim like other adhesives.

Magic Mastik cuts the industry-standard drying time of 24 hours in half by removing the need for a second layer of adhesive. Instead of having to wait 12 hours before the tire is even mounted, Magic Mastik makes it possible to mount the tire immediately and starting the clock on drying time from the moment wheel and tire are put together satisfactorily. This new application process even reduces the total weight of applied adhesive by roughly 20 grams because of the single layer application.

Magic Mastik is as easy to remove, as it is to apply. This transparent product already offers a much cleaner rim and a simple wet cloth is sufficient to remove any wet glue residues on wheel or tubular. Once Magic Mastik has been dried for 12 hours it is no longer affected by water at all.

Benefits of Magic Mastik:
• Simple to use (even by amateurs with little/no experience)
• Fast to use (special applicator packaging and 50% reduction of drying time)
• Safe to use and store (not flammable)
• Resists higher temperatures (up to 120°C)
• Only 12 hours of drying time
• Works well on all tubular rims (carbon and alloy)
• Adds less weight per tire (only 20 grams per tire)

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