Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Fathers’ day is just around the corner which means lots of bike-enthused fathers to shop for. Fortunately for me, my dad has always been good at dropping hints on what he’d like to get (so much so that I got him his gift 2 months in advance…), but I know it’s not always that easy. The following is a short guide to Fathers’ Day gifts to – hopefully – make gift giving a little easier this year. 

#1: Gift Baket

When I asked my dad what his favourite

Fathers’ Day gift was, I was surprised to learn it was a gift basket I had put together for him a few years back. It was a mix of nutrition products, socks, and a Castelli summer base layer that he swears by – just a mix of essentials. It’s an incredibly simple and practical gift. 

#2: Silca Premio Seat Roll

While practical and necessary, saddle bags can be pretty bulky and ugly looking. Silca has done a great job at mixing style with practicality when creating their Premio Seat Roll and their Seat Roll Grande Americano. I got the Premio Seat Roll for my dad for Fathers’ day and he loves it. 

#3: Oi Bell

Yes, I know, some of you are cringing to see this on this list but hear me out. If you asked me to put a bell on my bike a year ago, I probably would have told you to get lost. But - technically speaking - you are required to equip your bike with a bell. After starting to commute to work on my bike I was forced to purchase one; calling out “bike back” just didn’t seem to cut it anymore. You still wouldn’t catch me dead with a classic bell on my prized bike, which is why I went with the Oi bell – it performs just as well but is far more discreet. 

#4: Cobber Lights

Another essential item to keep the fathers in your life safe: lights. With 330° of visibility, the Cobber lights are a great option. Just like a bell, you are legally required to have properly functioning lights on your bike – at least during certain hours of the day, though we recommend always riding with them. 

#5: Assos Equipe RS Bibshorts

There’s nothing worse than a sore backside. Next to a properly fitting saddle, a good set of shorts is the biggest step to having a pain free and saddle-sore free ride. Investing in a set of Assos shorts is just that – an investment. With proper care they can last for years. Trust me, your father will thank you. 

#6: Socks

Whether they’re from Castelli, Giro, Assos, or anywhere, a cyclist can never have too many pairs of socks. Plain and simple. This has always been my go-to gift for any cyclist I know.

#7: Summer Base Layers

Base layers are more popular during the colder months but wearing a summer base layer in hot weather can do wonders to keep you comfortable. After purchasing one for my dad a few years ago, he refuses to ride without one. It seems counterintuitive to layer on another piece of clothing in such weather, but a well-designed summer base layer will help regulate your temperature on the bike by wicking away sweat. Some favourites include the Castelli Pro Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer and the Assos NS Skinfoil Summer Baselayer. 



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