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(cycling) A non-riding member of a team whose role is to provide support for the riders, possibly including mechanical service and supplies.

If we could sum up what we stand for here at Racer Sportif, the word that would best describe us is Soigneur. Being passionate cyclists ourselves, we understand what it means to be a cyclist and what is important to a cyclist. Being able to share this passion and nurture the cyclists that we interact with on a daily basis isn’t viewed as a job for us, but a way of life.
No matter how sophisticated the equipment, duration or intensity of the ride, weather conditions, etc.… As cyclists we just can’t seem to quench our thirst for the beautiful sport of cycling.

It’s passion that words can’t describe, and the best way of expressing it is out on the open road. At Racer Sportif we have been sharing our unrelenting passion for the sport close to 40 years. The experience, knowledge, friends, and countless kilometers gained over these years are something that we continually love to share with others that enjoy cycling as much as we do. Regardless if you are a novice to the sport or seasoned Vet, our goal is to fully support your aspirations for cycling.

Past to Present

From the day that Dennis Mizerski and Krys Tomaszewski first opened their doors in January of 1978, a legacy began that has shown their limitless obsession with the sport of cycling and everything that encompasses it.

An extensive competitive racing background in Europe built the foundation for their vast knowledge of cycling. Upon migrating to Canada, both Dennis and Krys began sharing their wisdom, a practice continuing to this day. Over the years Racer Sportif has become known as specialty Cycling outfitter that primarily caters towards road racers. However as the sport of cycling has evolved, our outreach has expanded far past the purist, but to also embrace the new emergence of cyclists. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and we acknowledge and support that.

In fact the focus is more diversified and includes the other disciplines in cycling such as Triathlon, Cyclo-Cross, Track, and time trialists alike!

Over the years much has changed in the world of cycling. From the days of steel to the modern day carbon offerings, the Racer Sportif team has adapted like a chameleon matching the rapid pace in which the industry evolves. Dennis, Krys, and Frank along with their knowledgeable team are constantly striving to ensure that the foundation of your riding experience is supported with high-level service and expertise. Whether it is being up to date with the ins and out of electronic components, or bicycle fitting at a clinical level with the uses of 3D motion capture cameras, our desire to up our game to directly improve your experience with us is what keeps us going. To reinforce this desire, we have now expanded on our level of service with the launch of our ecommerce platform. This new level of service allows up to keep our doors open 24/7, 365 days a year. Even though they might be virtual doors!

Providing unsurpassed service isn’t the only aspect of the Racer Sportif experience. Consistent community involvement has always been a primary focus. From weekly club rides geared towards riders of all capabilities, to an ongoing Junior development program, and the various annual charity rides that we help organize and participate in Racer Sportif has continually supported the sport and the communities they reside in. Racer Sportif continues to leave it’s imprint on the local cycling community and takes pride in giving back to sport that has shaped them into what they are today.

We look forward to being your personal Soigneur!


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