Nimbl Air Cycling Shoe

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Color: Black

Size: 44.5

Our focus in developing the ’AIR’ was to create the perfect climber’s shoe. Our design priorities were, next to power transfer and pedaling efficiency, creating a well-ventilated, lightweight shoe. At less than 195 gram, the AIR is one of the lightest high performance shoes on the market that will especially suit those that frequently explore warm and/or mountainous terrain. A staple feature in today’s UCI World Tour Peloton.

Those long summer rides require a comfortable, lightweight and well ventillated upper. No material is better equipped to absorb water and provide ventilation than the 1.2mm thick microfiber out of wich the AIR’s upper is fabricated. We have designed for ample ventilation by perforating the outer skin strategically in those zones where wind flow adds most cooling.

We equipped the AIR with laces, because laces, create an even pressure around the foot eliminating pressure points which equates to more comfortable feet during cycling. Granted, we do not recommend adjusting your laces on the fly, but for the AIR this disadvantage is offset by the weight advantage it provides over other closure systems.