Maximizing the final weeks of outdoor riding

Winter is coming, it is an unfortunate reality that the cycling community as a whole must face. As the temperatures begin to plunge the only way to continue riding outdoors is with the appropriate apparel. Luckily, many of the great brands we carry offer specific cold weather and extreme winter riding gear which can help extend the riding season and make the coming cold days much more enjoyable.

Both Castelli and Assos have released some sharp new apparel pieces which can help extend your outdoor season or even make riding year-round a reality. So, what are the essentials you need to keep you outside in the freezing temperatures and snow? With a few key winter apparel pieces, you can not only be comfortable in the lower temperatures but also looking pretty sharp as you tick away the miles outdoors. This year Assos has released some serious cold weather apparel, from head to toe they have offered up some unique new kit that can help bridge any gaps in your cycling outerwear collection. 

Assos Ultraz Winter Face Mask 

This piece is a thermal winter essential if you are looking to ride in the foul weather, from snow to sleet and rain this full face and neck protector will keep you warm and riding!

Assos LL. Mille Tights_S7

If you are looking for your first pair of bib tights or another pair to add to your arsenal, the Assos LL. Mille Tights are a great option, priced at $299 you are getting a garment that is reasonably priced and is performance-oriented for cold weather riding.

Assos Bonka Evo Bib Tights

For those looking for the ultimate cold-weather riding tights, look no further than to the Bonka Evo Bib tights. Inspired for getting you outside regardless of the weather, these foul weather bibs won’t be the reason you don’t get outside.

Castelli Men’s Elemento Lite Jacket

If you are looking for a new riding jacket with multiple functions, the Elemento Lite Jacket could be your solution. This insulated jacket is a commuters dream, warm enough for those cold morning commutes but sleek enough to pick up your morning coffee in.

Castelli WS Balaclava

Another full face winter barrier but this time from Castelli, adding a balaclava to your arsenal will keep you warm on your coldest winter rides.

Castelli Viva 2 Thermo Head Thingy

Keep your neck warm this winter with a thermo head thingy! A piece like this is essential for staying healthy when you are riding in cold weather.

There is still some outdoor season riding time, with a bit of winter kit you can maximize these final weeks of outdoor riding, or even better, prepare for getting out year-round!

See you on the road.


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