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Staying motivated

Posted on June 05 2020

During a typical year, a summer full of cycling events would have now started. But, as we all know, this is no typical year. Whether or not there will be any organized events or races is still a big question mark. As someone who rides bikes not only for fun, but also to perform, it hasn’t been easy to stay motivated. Here are a few fun ways I’ve been keeping myself entertained and motivated through this strange time. 

Strava – my new best friend:

I’m embarrassed to say Strava was a platform I haven’t used to its full potential – and still don’t. QOMs were only something I “accidentally” acquired during a hard training session (yeah, humble brag…). Since I haven’t been able to race, I’ve been eyeing up some Strava segments. Not only seeing where I rank in comparison to others – or stealing QOMs from friends – but seeing how I’ve improved in my own times. And if you come into the shop boasting too loudly about your time on a segment, you can be sure I’ll go out to try to beat it ;)

Zwift Racing – love to hate it: 

The ultimate love-hate relationship. Probably the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced, but potentially the most satisfying. It’s the only way anyone can do any racing right now, and though I definitely miss the bumping and jostling in the peloton, I can’t say I hate the lack of crashing and close calls.

Building up to the “Big One”

Most people have an unprecedented amount of time on their hands to ride and quite a few are pumping out a huge number of kilometers. Planning an “epic” ride of your own can be a substitute for some of the organized events you may have planned to attend. Set a goal for yourself: your first imperial century, 200km, 300 km, more?? Slowly build up the kilometers for your epic ride, making sure to properly fuel and recover – and then be sure to post it on Strava… or it didn’t happen. 


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