What to get your cyclist for christmas

What to get your cyclist for christmas

What to get your cyclist for christmas

It’s tough, I must admit, even as a cyclist it is not easy to find Christmas gifts for a cyclist. Unless you are an avid rider yourself, it is at times hard to understand why we shave our legs, are lycra clad half of the time, and why we find it enjoyable to ride our bikes indoors… Isn’t the point of riding a bike to be outdoors?.. However, this disconnection shouldn’t foil your ability to better understand the needs of the cyclist on your Christmas shopping list. Here is a list of fool proof gift ideas that will sure to please even the pickiest cyclist this Christmas

 1. Rapha: If you want to see nothing but smiles, maybe some jumping up and down like a toddler with a tickle me Elmo when your cyclist opens their gift, then you should consider a cool gift from Rapha. Something big – Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket or something small – Rapha Logo Socks, they provide options to please them all. For those that are new to cycling they even have this cool  Handbook. But have a look over our expanding Rapha collection being updated weekly.

 2. Lights: Not just for decorations on your house or Christmas tree. Give the gift a safety this season with some cool lights. If you want your cyclist to be really safe out on the road – Garmin Varia RTL515  , may we suggest our bestseller– Cobber 330 Lights  If you want them to have options with their lights – Blackburn 2’Fer and if you just want a stocking stuffer – EVO Nitelight Lookout

 3. Assos Shorts: Perhaps the cyclist on your list is extra special, or has been really good this year… If that is the case, then there is no better way to spoil a cyclist and give the gift of Assos Equipe RS S9 bib shorts. For that Cyclist that has been too good to be true this year – Assos Equipe RSR S9 bib shorts Every time they suit up for a ride, these bib shorts will serve as a reminder of you, and your absolute admiration for them. The shear luxury and comfort of these shorts are second to none. The greatest feature of such a gift will be the undeniable look of joy on their face, and the feeling you will get knowing that you only provide the best. Last but not least, something for that special lady on your list – Assos H.Laalalai Shorts_S7 Lady Shorts The “Diamond” of all shorts.  

4. Garmin Vector 3 Power Pedals: Empower the cyclist on your list this year, with the most versatile and compatible power meter option on the market in the Garmin Vector 3 power pedals. Start them on the path of being leaner and meaner, fitter and stronger, training with power! Also available in a single sided version

 5. Bicycle maintenance products: Every cyclist knows that a clean bike is a fast bike! Even when riding Zwift indoors. Keeping your bike in pristine condition is a top priority, and provides another excuse for a cyclist to be with their bike. When it comes to keeping a bike in tip top shape, dish soap and WD-40 just won’t do.. However, Muc-Off has some great cleaning agents from their Equipment cleaner, Bio chain degreaser, C3 Ceramic lube, and the clever Sweat Protect anti-corrosion finishing spray. That product does wonders to protection your bike from the damage sweat can create when riding indoors  

 6. Racer Sportif Gift Card: If it is just too risky when buying for the cyclist on your list, it is good to know that you can shield away any likelihood of disappointment with a Racer Sportif Gift Card. Available in any denomination that you so desire, and takes the stress off the confusion of what to buy, and places the steering wheel, or handlebar in the hands of the cyclist on your list. Available in digital online only formats, or physical in store gift cards. These are just a few of the many gift ideas we have in store and online. You can also give us a call, or stop on by to consult with one of our knowledgeable team members on some other great gift ideas. Merry Shopping 


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