Tune-ups and repairs

Shop Rate: $95/hour
Hydraulic Brake Service: Shop rate (estimated completion time is 1 hour +)
Clincher Flat Repair - $20
Tubular Install with glue - $45 (tubular not included) .
Wheel Truing - $30/ per wheel *some additional costs may apply
Shimano Di2 Diagnostics - $30 - Firmware update, diagnosing issues. Parts & labour for rectifying issues may apply
Bike Boxing Packaging- $40 - Includes cardboard box if needed.
Powermeter Install - Shop Rate (@ $95 per hour)

General Tune-Up $69.90 (additional costs may apply)
Full adjustment of all the gears
Exterior lubrication
Brake adjustment

Racer Sportif Tune-Up $159.00 (additional costs may apply)
Drivetrain cleaned Exterior lubrication
Full adjustment of all the gears
Brake adjustment
Safety check 

Overhaul $275.00 (additional costs may apply)
Bike is completely taken apart and parts are throughly cleaned in a component washer
Re-lubrication of all parts, repacking of all bearings. (Internal & External lubrication)
Full adjustment & tuning of all the gears
Brake adjustment Wheel Truing (Full service in wheel truing stand)
Safety check