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Zipp Service Course SL-TB Handlebar



When it comes to handlebars, tried and true aluminum remains the material of choice for many pros. In part, that’s because their bikes have to meet a minimum weight requirement. Aluminum bars such as the Zipp Service Course SL-TB Handlebar have to meet the fit, durability and performance standards of many pro teams. The Zipp Service Course SL-TB Handlebar aluminum handlebars are produced using our proprietary ZTL-71 alloy and intricate internal butting processes to achieve a weight of 285 g (44 cm) with superior strength and rigidity. It features a classic look with round cross-sections throughout and is available in the same comfortable Short & Shallow shape as the Zipp carbon bars. What's more, the drops are angled outward by 2 degrees to reduce wrist strain.

Weight: 280 grams
Material: Aluminum
Drop Style: Traditional Bend 
Internal Routing: No
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